I’ve Got You Covered, Hot Stuff!

Camco 43554 Universal Fit RV Stove Top Cover (Black)

Again, I think Keystone really skimped on the 324CG, or I’m just needy. Maybe it’s a preference thing, but I cannot figure out what their designers were thinking. I’m talking about the stove top range,something I think most people gloss over and are either happy it’s there or unhappy because they don’t want one. The stove/range made by Atwood itself is quite pedestrian but it does it’s job sufficiently.

What would’ve made this a better configuration is if they mounted the stove top flush within the counter. Our old 2004 Cougar had the stove top mounted flush and it wasn’t very high end. See for yourself – It also INCLUDED a stove COVER!channelbrv774207_7

Yuk, we sure don’t miss all that oak and brass! Anyway, we’re obviously the type who cares a lot about counter real estate. So when the wife was lamenting about how she missed the beloved old cover we had, I knew that was code for “fix-it puhleeeeze!”

I researched a few options but settled on a Camco universal model. It seems expensive, but actually not as much as Atwood wanted! (They think very highly of their stove cover apparently). I purchased it, wrapped it up for Christmas ’16, and placed it under the fresh Grand Fir tree I cut down myself… in the woods… at a sustainable tree farm. 🙂

I finally got around to installing the cover just recently and am mostly happy with the way it looks. I mean, the Atwood one looks better and doesn’t have a hinge across the top, but I saved half the money and it was on sale!

The cover has a piano hinge at the back with 5 holes that are supposed to be secured to the counter with the included fasteners. Well, those fasteners are very low quality and busted off. Even though I initially pre-drilled through the composite counter (its tough material) before threading into the counter, it obviously wasn’t enough.20170210_161532

See?! The thing I learned here is to oversize the hole slightly in the counter, but stop before you get to the wood. That way the fastener bites into the 1/2 plywood underneath and doesn’t try to spread the counter apart, like it did. (PS, she still doesn’t know this happened! What are the chances she follows the blog?) Hi honey, when’s dinner? =P20170210_161514

With a little Gorilla glue and the right sized feeler gauge keeping constant pressure on the broken piece, she’ll be good as new! BTW, that stove mat I bought a while ago is AWESOME! If anything drips on it you simply pull it up and toss it in the wash. No more scrubbing that basin.20170210_162533

Learned my lesson, larger pre-drill complete.20170210_162444

Nope, still not enough. But you can see the chipping that happens when trying to drill the counter. And I used a stepped approach starting with smaller to larger indexes, as well as taping the surface. Good thing too, because some chips flew pretty far regardless.20170210_162515

All done. It doesn’t look so bad actually and that’s a lot of surface space recovered to make everyone happy. I’ll probably get some thin rubber sheeting with adhesive on one side to put under the flange that touches the counter. I’m concerned it’ll bounce and scratch the counter over time. It makes a great backsplash as well (I’ll upload another picture later on of it opened up.)20170210_163251_hdr

Okay, it’s later. Here’s the extra pictures I promised!

Can’t see the broken piece anymore either!

The end.

Check out our other upgrades! Have any questions about this project? Please chat below and I’ll try to respond in a reasonable time. Remember, we have full-time careers and this blog is just a hobby. ☺️

Best regards – RVTherapy


  1. C'est La Vie Three · March 7, 2017

    Well? Is she a follower and are you in trouble? Or will the secret forever be kept? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • RV-Therapy · March 7, 2017

      Uhhh, well… We were driving around and I heard my full surname exclaimed. I couldn’t figure out what I had (I always get blamed for the things I do) done this time! Then she shows me the picture. Gulp! I told her she’s lucky I can fix it! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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