I Can See Clearly Now

One of the things that always bothers me about most RV’s are the doors. More specifically, almost all of the doors have opaque windows you can’t see through. It’s really silly to me why it’s so common, but it’s probably cost related. So I set out and found bottomdollarsurplusinc on eBay that sells parts from RV collisions and salvages. Lucky for me, he had some high end clear windows at an affordable price so I picked up two of them!

I started by taping the outer glass to the door. This way it won’t fall out when removing the internal shroud. 20160729_123207

Then I carefully removed the inner shroud and sealant. It’s also possible for the glass to fall backwards so I was quick to take this picture and remove it from the other side.20160729_123148

It helps to have two people, but I pulled this off on my own. Now its really clear! Oh hey, I can see the old vent there. I’ve since replaced them with ones that individually open and close.20160729_130907

Now to seal up the new-ish window and frame using 3M 08625 Window-Weld 1/8″ x 1/4″ x 30′ Round Ribbon sealer I picked up from Amazon. Of course I removed the old butyl tape and cleaned it all with 99% rubbing alcohol.20160729_192211

I prepare the replacement glass so I can reverse the process I used to remove the old windows.20160729_19142620160729_13171420160729_13174220160729_134106

These windows have another trick hidden. Scroll down and you’ll see!20160729_13413420160729_134124

Oh yeah! Built-in shades! The only silly thing is that since the screen sits flush against the door when closed, you can’t adjust them without opening the door and going outside. But I don’t mind.20160729_13411420160729_13420220160729_134234

The end.

Check out our other upgrades! Have any questions about this project? Please chat below and I’ll try to respond in a reasonable time. Remember, we have full-time careers and this blog is just a hobby. ☺️

Best regards – RVTherapy


  1. C'est La Vie Three · March 7, 2017

    That looks like an awesome upgrade!! We just leave the Reflectix on ours, which ends up in it just staying up there and us never seeing out. It would be great to have another see through window on that side of the RV! I like it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RV-Therapy · March 7, 2017

      Thanks! We agree, we love seeing through the windows, especially on that side as you point out. It’s nice in the bedroom as well to see who’s knocking. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris · March 23, 2017

    Where did you find those replacement windows? Love it have same trailer and think great mod! I’ll have to swap ideas back and forth with you. Only had my 324cg for a year now.


    • RV-Therapy · March 27, 2017

      Hi Chris, and thanks for the comment! How are you liking the 324CG so far? Despite all the troubles, it’s still a great layout for us.

      We LOVE those windows and I enjoyed installing them, especially since there’s so few to look out of from the curb-side of the trailer. At the top of the article I mention that I found them on eBay from the seller “bottomdollarsurplusinc.” If they don’t have any, contact the seller he’s super helpful. It’s a standard size so I imagine finding more won’t be too difficult.

      Please enjoy the rest of the blog. I have a few more completed projects I need to post, so stay tuned!


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