Barely Hanging On

(Update: I decided to fix the lambrequin myself. The dealer was backlogged and they couldn’t get us in before a few scheduled trips. I had let it hang down by the one screw so they could see the problem, but that caused it to bow. I should’ve just removed the whole thing after the one side fell. Anyway, it’s secure now and will never fall again thanks to Gorilla Glue on the fastener threads!)

After a very long and stressful drive up to Yosemite last weekend in the pitch black for a quick weekend trip, we discovered our very next warranty item we’ll be filing with Keystone. Yippee. =\
This is the valence over the dinette and it’s only (was) held by two screws?! The left side must’ve got a stud, but the middle one pushes in and out easily with nothing but the thin Luanan to bite into… and there isn’t a third or more! The blinds and the curtains are mounted to the valence, and the valence is mounted to the ceiling. This should be secured much better than the evidence shows, especially since every time you want to close a shade you’re pulling down on the whole assembly!

Shame on you Keystone – you should be better than this. I could fix it, but there’s principles here.

Top Shelf In The Bedroom

She’s Got The Jack… Extension

We needed something the raise the front of our rig without having to use wood posts, planks, and other messy and unsafe spacers. The result was installing the Husky 31610 Brute Super Foot Retractable Jack Extension that has a massive 6500 lb. load capacity. This one is a quick install but with a big payoff. Please take a look at the installation in the Upgrades section!

The Un-Electric Slide

Keystone didn’t put any electrical outlets on the slide-out, which is pretty silly. So I decided to put two receptacles in myself. I’m not sure what this does for the warranty but I reaaaaally wanted power there. I bought a bunch of parts and did a pretty clean install I think. Plus, I have 2 USB ports at each receptacle that are 4 amps each. Saweeeet! Please take a look at the installation in the Upgrades section!

This bathroom, I spit you not

The bathroom in the Outback 324CG isn’t that bad except for one major problem. You can’t really spit in the sink after brushing your teeth! So, with permission from the wife, I ripped the cabinet off the wall which was preventing one’s head from aiming directly over the sink bowl. Please take a look at the installation in the Upgrades section!

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