Who’s In-Command?

The really cool feature for 2016 which controls all of our lights, slide-outs, water heater, liquid tanks status, pretty much everything that is electrical, has stopped working. I removed power from the panel and the BCM and nothing will come up. This happened around the time I  let the coach batteries drain almost completely, so don’t do that I guess? Maybe I should’ve just used the battery disconnect.

I emailed ASA Electronics who are very friendly and responsive and they quickly verified that the panel is dead and shipped out a replacement to our local RV dealership’s repair center. I didn’t even have to get Keystone involved! Fours days downtime and a quick swap and now we’re back to normal. Yay!


  1. Outback Puller · July 21, 2017

    Haven’t seen post in while glad to see all OK minus electronic failure . I’ve responded in past as zinger puller but since bought 324cg changed name. I’ve had radio issues.


  2. RV-Therapy · July 22, 2017

    Okay, that makes sense on the screen name now. I have a lot of projects in the pipeline… Stay tuned!


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