New Outback Warranty Repair List

Here’s the first warranty request we compiled after we completed our 1st “Shakedown Trip.” What’s a shakedown trip you might ask? Well, to us it means after purchasing an RV we find a campsite as near as possible to the Stealership where we purchased the RV. This way if there’s anything really wrong we can drop it back off before we make plans to use it for real. It’s not fun planning a week off camping only to end up with a bill for towing and ending in a staycation at home disgruntled. We very much like to be happily gruntled!

For us, the Shakedown Trip is essential, even if it’s just for the weekend like we usually do. Thankfully no big show stoppers on this first trip, just a bunch of annoying things that make you think, “why did I spend all that money for so many problems, what were they thinking?” We seriously felt that our unit must have been a Friday build – right before a major holiday. There was so much to be corrected, it had to be glaringly obvious but the next person at the factory for whatever reason continued building on problems.

So here’s our 1st list we gave to the Keystone Certified Repair Center (brace yourself):

  1. Front doors locks are not keyed the same
    Expectation: Please key them the same
  2. Ramp door, dock station, and external storage bay door are all keyed separately (we have 4 separate keys to operate doors. Two keys only would be ideal!
    Expectation: Please key them the same if possible
  3. Can’t deadbolt bedroom door sometimes
    Expectation: Fix and test while not stabilized (no jacks), and then again after leveling and stabilizing (with jacks)
  4. Stabilizer jacks do not minimize joust and bounce
    Expectation: Coach should be relatively stable with jacks down. Test with slides out and someone sitting on couch while someone walks around.
  5. Rattle in main entry door, something’s inside at the bottom
    Expectation: Remove or secure part/component from inside door
  6. Right strut broken under master bed from day 1. We later added a mattress topper which doesn’t help, but it was busted beforehand. Also the sheet of wood is flimsy and the lifting parts on the left side rub against the trim pieces
    Expectation: Strengthen platform and fix/use proper struts to lift the mattress
  7. Bedroom privacy shade isn’t even when closed. The right side is obviously higher
    Expectation: Adjust so the shade is level with the window frame
  8. Bedroom heater register only secured on one side and gets hung up on bed foundation while sliding-in
    Expectation: Secure floor register securely
  9. Bathroom door springs itself open apparently due to bent hinges, can’t “crack door”
    Expectation: Fix so the door is free moving through its entire range of motion
  10. Finishing strip left of outside bathroom door isn’t straight and tapers out midway up
    Expectation: Straighten the trim piece, having it by door opening is obvious
  11. Finishing strip left of inside bathroom door isn’t straight and tapers out midway up
    Expectation: Straighten the trim piece, having it by door opening is obvious
  12. Sliding bedroom door falls out of bottom track when closing all the way
    Expectation: Be sure the door stays in the track 100%
  13. Bedroom door rubbing against wall, wall and door finish wearing away
    Expectation: Secure wall panel to internal stud and fix wear marks on wall and door
  14. Stove hood doesn’t vent outside, multiple warnings about safety with trapped gases and humidity
    Expectation: Not much actually, Keystone skimped on this and the vent hood should exhaust outside while cooking. Bad design that needs correcting.
  15. Sticker peeling by bedroom entrance door removing fake wood grain
    Expectation: Fix wood grain facade
  16. Shower leaks into Livingroom area under from under the wall
    Expectation: Re-seal around shower basin and walls, inspect of other water breaches
  17. Rubber trim surround on outside wall of slide opening is missing caulking in some places
    Expectation: Re-seal around trim pieces
  18. Exterior storage bay door sill foam gasket peeling away
    Expectation: Replace foam gasket. If it’s already peeling the rest is sure to follow
  19. Roof caulking is thin around some penetrations. While installing “Cyclone” units on gray and black anti-siphon pipes I noticed some other areas of caulking only had wide thin bubbles. Please color match.
    Expectation: Re-seal around all penetrations


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